John Cantlie
“From Inside Halab ( Aleppo ) ”
英国人ISIS人質 ジョン・キャントリー氏

From Inside Halab (Aleppo, Syria)

John Cantlie Dabiq7

Daily Mail
British ISIS hostage John Cantlie appears in latest propaganda film which he ominously calls ‘the last in this series’ and in which militants are shown fishing and drinking tea

The Islamic State has released a new propaganda video featuring John Cantlie in which the captured British journalist gives a guided tour of Aleppo.

The largest city in Syria has been on the frontline of ongoing battles between ISIS, the Free Syrian Army, various rebel groups and fighters loyal to the Assad regime for the best part of four years and the ancient architecture that saw Aleppo named a World Heritage Site is seen largely destroyed.

The expensively filmed and professionally edited footage is the 10th time Cantlie has appeared in a video released by ISIS and the third time he has been seen giving a tour of an ISIS-held territory, following previous videos inside the Iraqi city of Mosul and in the recently Syrian city of Kobane.

The documentary-style 12 minute film sees Cantlie wander the streets of Aleppo interviewing fighters, including a French militant who calls for further attacks on targets in his home country, stating: ‘Muslims in the West number in the millions and are capable of inflicting mass carnage’.

Ominously Cantlie – who has previously claimed to have accepted that he is likely to be brutally murdered by the terrorists – has claimed the video is ‘the last in this series’.

The latest Cantlie video is titled ‘From Inside Halab’ using an alternative name for the city of Aleppo. It follows similar documentary-style guided tours of Kobane and Mosul.

The video begins with Cantlie visiting an agricultural district of Aleppo where he claims the economy is ‘thriving’ and grain silos are ‘packed to the rafters’ with food that is then sold without profit

As Cantlie speaks from what is likely to be a pre-prepared script given to him by ISIS militants, brightly coloured HD-quality footage of grazing sheep, bustling markets and shots of mosques.

The journalist then visits a religious school in the city, where he is filmed extolling the virtues of ISIS’ education system while young boys are seen reciting religious verses. These children, Cantle says, ‘will with any luck form the mujahideen [jihadi fighters] for the next generation in this region’.

After leaving the religious school, Cantlie is seen standing in a suburb of Aleppo named Al Bab, where he points out a drone surveillance aircraft flying overhead.

‘The mujahideen really don’t care how many eyes in the sky are looking down on them,’ Cantlie says before calmly adding: ‘At some point that drone will betaking photographs, dropping bombs or firing missiles.

The film goes on to show footage of ISIS militants fishing, chatting and drinking tea on the banks of the Euphrates River, before Cantlie is seen giving a tour of a local Sharia law court.

Seconds after the drone is seen in the sky, Cantlie is seen standing outside a badly damaged building he claims is a civilian market area. The journalist claims that he and his captors were five minutes away when Syrian regime aircraft bombed the area.

He claims that although the bombs were fired by Syrian aircraft, the drone was American, suggesting the U.S. military is working closely with the Assad regime to identify targets.

Cantlie and his crew are then told they have to leave the area due to the threat of further airstrikes.

The film goes on to show footage of ISIS militants fishing, chatting and drinking tea on the banks of the Euphrates River, before Cantlie is seen giving a tour of a local Sharia law court.

The journalist makes a impassioned speech of the qualities of Sharia law, calling it ‘remarkably simple’ and attempting to justify the harsh punishments as an effective deterrent.

Cantlie is then seen interviewing an ISIS militant who claim the terror group will never be destroyed as God is on their side. The group, he states, is only getting stronger and more united as efforts to destroy the terror group are stepped up.

Militants are seen being handed out propaganda from a so-called ‘media point’, which appears to be little more than a corrugated iron shack where information sheers packed with anti-Western material are stacked ready for distribution.

The video ends with a lengthy interview with a French militant who claims to have been ‘delighted’ by the recent Charlie Hebdo terror attacks in Paris that left 17 innocent people dead.

The fighter, who is not named, urges more so-called ‘lone wolf’ terror attacks in the France and states that at the very least ISIS sympathisers should ‘defend their religion’ by striking non-believers in the face if they are unable to kill them.

‘The Muslims in the West number in the millions and they are capable of inflicting mass carnage,’ the fighter says, adding ‘I call on them to do what is obligatory in their religion.’

John Cantlie has been held captive for more than two years by IS militants.

In previous instalments, he has delivered his message under duress from behind a desk and wearing an orange jumpsuit.

The last video of the photojournalist released last month and saw him give a guided tour of the city of Mosul.

In previous films, Mr Cantlie says he accepted ‘long ago’ that his fate is ‘overwhelmingly likely’ to be the same as other captives – brutal execution at the hands of the militant known as Jihadi John.

Earlier footage released by the group in October purported to show him in the embattled Syrian city of Kobane. Brave Kurdish fighters have since forced ISIS out of that city.

Mr Cantlie’s father Paul, 80, died from complications following pneumonia last year. His sister, Jessica Cantlie, has previously appealed for ‘direct contact’ with the militants holding him.

Since August, ISIS has filmed and posted online the deaths of six Western hostages.

UK aid workers Alan Henning and David Haines and American journalists James Foley and Steven Sotloff were beheaded on camera by the jihadi organisation. Japanese nationals and Kenji Goto [原文ママ]

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